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CCW Courses

Standard Open Public Classes 
 This is the main course for applying for your NV Concealed Carry Weapons permit. We cover all the required topics as set forth by the NV Sheriffs and Chiefs Association for the application standards.

8hr Nevada initial CCW permit course cost
$90 per person

4hr Nevada renewal course
$60 per person

Private Courses

8hr initial Nevada course
$120 per person

4hr renewal Nevada course
$75 per person

Special private group rates are available upon request, as is mobile service where we bring the class to you. Call to discuss options and rates 775 224 7563. 

Additional UT permit class can be added to any of our courses for an additional $25 upgrade.  


Defensive Pistol 1

This is the real deal CCW course for those that want to learn the life saving tactics and skills of using a pistol in self defense. No long drawn out classroom time trying to make up 8hrs of class with a quick range qualification at the end. This is a weapons course.
During this course we cover all the required topics for a NV CCW class as well as instruction on 
  • Non-defensible Draw and Presentation
  • Weapon Handling
  • Movement
  • Introduction to Barriers
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Alternate Shooting Positions
  • Situational Awareness
  • Equipment

This class taps into years of experience in the shooting, training, protection, law enforcement and security community that very few others can bring forth. This promises to be an eye opening experience for those who are about to take charge of their safety. 
 This course is run for individuals, couples or small groups only this is not a public class format. It is a very personal type of instruction on a very personal subject. 

Cost is $150 per person. Contact for available dates.


9732 Pyramid Lake Hwy #404
Sparks NV 89441
775 224 7563

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