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M2 Rocketry

This has been on the back burner for far too long. The wake up call was this year receiving my 10 yr pin from Tripoli. so with that and the fact that LDRS 32 is in my back yard it's time to launch this this endeavor. (pun intended).

M2 Rocketry is small "boutique" kit company which is focused on small to mid sized highpower kits in the level 1 or level 2 area. Our kits use high quality components made to exacting tolerances. While most will have a military flavor about them we will be designing some kits with a more conventional look. That is where it will end as there will always be something lying beneath that will be different. 

I hope that you enjoy the look and flight characteristics of our kits. I hope as time progresses we will be offering more unique and challenging rockets that their owners can be proud to build and fly. 

Sand Spike  This is the flagship rocket that has started it all. A completely original design with a military flare. 
4" diameter 72" tall 38 mm motor mount I-J power.

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