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AR15 Build Class

Ever wanted to know how to build an AR15/M4 type rifle the right way from the ground up? This is the course. NOT just an armorers course but a course that covers every aspect of assembly and operation.

From a pile of parts you will learn

Tools needed for AR work
To completely break the rifle down to bare parts
To indentify the different components
Place the into their correct assembly groups
Fit them into the correct place in a logical order 
Check for fit and function of all parts
Proper maintenance procedures to keep your rifle in top working condition
Simple diagnosis of malfunctions and how to fix them. 
Tips and tricks to save time and money during a build project 

 Some have said it's too easy to build this rifle and you can learn this off YouTube. Sure I guess maybe you could but
Will they be there to walk you through step by step explaining what part goes where how to test fit and adjust it if needed?

Will they explain how it interacts with various other components including it's effect on accuracy and reliability? 

Will they be there to answer questions you may have during the build?

Will they provide the tools needed to assemble it including torque wrenches or AR wrench? 

Will they be with you on the range after the build to ensure the rifle functions and show you some of the manipulation techniques and drills associated with operation?



I already have an AR or will provide a complete build kit on my own.
$100 per person.

I don't have an AR. Simply pre pay for the class. We will order you a new high quality build kit and lower reciever. You will need to pick up the lower from our FFL prior to class. All fees will be paid up front. Ask about details and rifle kit specifications.
Cost is based on market conditions. Call for details.

I already have the lower receiver. We will minus the cost of the lower receiver. The credit will be based on our cost for the item ie unit cost plus tax and background fee. 

All classes run about 8hrs including range time.
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