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Mike Motta, Owner and Training Manager  
I served in the United States Marine Corps. as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor with a Marksmanship Training Unit. While there I was responsible for the training of Marines in both Rifle and Pistol qualifications as well as range operations. I worked on ranges with Honolulu FBI and Secret Service during presidential visits. I competed in rifle and pistol matches as a member of my units shooting team. Later I competed in civilian matches both in precision pistol, practical pistol and speed shooting.  

I worked airfield security details during Operation Desert Shield/Storm and later barracks security. I have trained and worked in personal protection details for VIPs with both State Dept., Law Enforcement and Military personnel. I have provided security for individuals and high profile companies as an officer and an independant contractor.

I started Semper Firearms Training Northern NV LLC in 2007 and built it into a trusted name in the CCW and firearms training community. I now bring forward a new more complete and modern company with M2 Resources.




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